The range of products we import include Tile Adhesive Joint Filler, Cementitious Tile Adhesive, Polymer Modified Water Proofing Powder, Cementitious Powder for Interior/Exterior Crack Repairs and Self Leveler.

Tile Guard-Tile Adhesive Joint Filler
Tile guard joint filler is excellent for highly glazed tiles to give a smooth and tense joint which when set will be both water and mould resistant.

Tile Guard-Cementitious Tile Adhesive
(Conforms to BS 5980 and ASTM C-190 )

This is a cement based adhesive powder blended with special additives which is used for permanent fixing of ceramic tiles on floors and walls, fixing marble and stone cladding.

Fillex AP-Cementitious Powder

Fillex is a chemically modified Cementitious powder designed for filling cracks up to 3mm for internal and external areas which develops early strength and excellent bonding.

ShelterWP-Polymer Modified Water Proofing Powder

This is a acrylic polymer modified coating for water proof and for resurface concrete, masonry and many other construction material. It is composed of specially selected cement, reactive fillers and polymer powder form together with additives.

We arrange buyers/sellers worldwide for HMS scrap
I & II, sugar, cement, urea, and petroleum products.


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