The Production Department houses a team of Doctors, Post-Graduates in English/Science, and Software Professionals. This is our core team, the foundation on which we have built our transcription house, be it medical/legal/business. This team, bestowed with capabilities of moulding the future teams, will hold the reigns of all our future projects. Our dedicated group of professionals will be responsible for providing around-the-clock, error-free transcription services to all our clients.

The Production Manager heads the Department and under him we have the teams that handle the jobs, the hierarchy is as below.

Production Manager
Senior MT

Each job goes through these review/revision stages before it reaches the client; thus ensuring 98%-100% accuracy in all our transcripts.

Mainly into Medical Transcription, our team has received training at the pioneer house of this industry in Kerala, the only 100% literate state in India, and has the experience of handling jobs from various hospitals throughout US and Canada. Majority of them have an experience of more than 5 years in Transcription and can rightly be called MEDICAL LANGUAGE SPECIALISTS.

Undergone comprehensive course work in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, grammar and punctuation, proof-reading and editing, as per (AAMT standards), equipment and technology, ethical and legal responsibilities as a medical transcriptionist and professional development. Received considerable exposure to ESL (English as a second language) dictators, as well as a wide variety of medical specialties. Trained in all major work types including Operative Reports, Discharge Summaries, Emergency Room Reports, Clinic Notes, History and Physical, Radiology Reports and so on.


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